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It’s Dynamite song lyrics


Song lyrics to It’s Dynamite, Music by Harry Warren, lyrics by Dorothy Fields, sung and Danced by Ann Miller in Texas Carnival

I want that building to hit me,
I want that lightning to strike,
I want to jump as though something hit me,
Yeah yeah yeah that’s what I’d like

I want that mad, emotional spasm,
That makes you lose your head,
I know a gal who has ’em,
And the gal who has ’em says

It’s dynamite!
The kick is dynamite!
The trick is bumpin’ into love some unexpected night
It lights the fuse that gets your foolish heart
And then a bang! bang! bang! bang! tears you apart

And if his kiss
Has a terrific smack
You see the stars that are uplifted in the Zodiac
When two combustible people ignite
It just ain’t funny, child,
Just bet your money, child,
Let’s face it honey child,
It’s dynamite!

[instrumental music and tap dancing]


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