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Fabulous Places [song lyrics]


Song lyrics to Fabulous Places, Written by Leslie Bricusse, Performed by Rex Harrison, Samantha Eggar with vocal by Diana Lee and Anthony Newley in Doctor Dolittle

Emma: How you can stand there
And say what you’re saying,
I just don’t know!
I must admit
The Sahara is one place
I’m praying
We just won’t go!

Doctor Dolittle: This is absolutely typical of a woman!

Emma: There are so many fabulous faraway
Places to see! –

Doctor Dolittle: She makes one pie and goes completely mad!

Emma: Such as Mexico, Sweden, Hawaii, Japan and Capri!

Doctor Dolittle: Been here two minutes and she’s re-planning the entire trip!

Emma: There are so many exciting & wonderful places! –
Much more inviting than desert oases!
Pleasant as home is,
It isn’t what Rome is! –
So why stay there?

When there are so many
Fabulous faraway places to see!

Doctor Dolittle: I didn’t think the pie was all that wonderful!

Emma: Why should Spain and Tahiti and rip
Just be only names to you and me?

Doctor Dolittle: Is there any more?

Emma: I feel certain there are people
We’d be glad to know there! –
So tell me why don’t we get up and go there?
Go to those fabulous places
Where we long to be? –
Go to Bangkok & Hong Kong & Paris & Venice! –
Tokyo & Cairo & Lisbon & London! –
Wonderful fabulous places I’m longing to see!

Doctor Dolittle: London? do you really think we’re going to find the great pink sea snail
Wandering up and down Piccadilly! waiting for a bus ?

Emma: Oh, you’re so unromantic! All I’m saying is……

There are so many
Simply incredible places to see!

Doctor Dolittle: Not with great pink sea snails in them, there aren’t!

Emma: When i think of the warm Caribbean,
I see a new world for you and me!……

Doctor Dolittle: The Caribbean maybe……

Matthew: I’d give anything just to have
One single day there!

Emma: And once we get there,
I know that we’ll stay there! –
Stay in those fabulous places
Where we long to be!
Such as Siam! –

Matthew: Sienna!

Tommy: Vienna!

Matthew: Verona!

Emma: Java!

Polynesia: Jamaica!

Matthew & Emma: Bombay!

Polynesia: Barcelona!

Matthew & Emma: Ole!

Polynesia: Ole!

Emma: Show me those fabulous places
I’m longing to see!

Doctor Dolittle: My dear Miss Fairfax, you seem to have entirely missed the point!

I’m aware there are fabulous places
Wherever we sail!

Emma: Yes, but will we see any of them!

Doctor Dolittle: We will!

But the point of the journey is science!
And finding the snail!

An incomparable thrill!

We will question the sharks
Off the coast of Tobago!
Interview swamp life in Tierra Del Fuego!

Emma: But that sounds horrendous!

Doctor Dolittle: Oh, no! it’s tremendous!
And well worth while!

We’ll make detailed enquiries
Of every crustacean we meet! –

Tommy: Crustacean?

Doctor Dolittle: Shellfish! – they’re sweet!

We will sail to the ends of the earth …
Till our search for the snail is quite complete!

Emma: I’d don’t trust you!

Doctor Dolittle: We’ll interrogate beetles and bugs in Nigeria! –
And, if we have to, move on to Siberia!
Eighty below, but a place
That we all ought to see!

Emma: But i haven’t brought the right clothes for Siberia!

Doctor Dolittle: Those are the fabulous places
You’ll visit with me!

Matthew: Sounds like we’re in for a good time!

Emma: Well, Siberia is one place you’ll never see me go!

Doctor Dolittle: Stick in the pin!
Where the pin goes, then we go!

Matthew: Ireland!

Emma: Rumania!

Tommy: How ’bout Transylvania?

Doctor Dolittle: We’ll chase that sea snail from here to Tasmania!

Emma: Show me those fabulous places
I’m longing to see!

All: We will venture where
Only the brave and insane go …
Long as the snail’s
At the end of the rainbow
We’ll see the fabulous places
We’re longing to see!


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