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Every Night at Seven song lyrics

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Every Night at Seven song lyrics
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Song lyrics to Ev’ry Night at Seven, Music by Burton Lane, Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner, Sung by Fred Astaire and Chorus in Royal Wedding

Every Night at Seven is the fictional show within a show, headlining Fred Astaire and Jane Powell, in “Royal Wedding

My royal day can be a royal bore
It leaves me colder than a basement floor
The only moment I keep waiting for
Is when the day will be through

I never know if it’s dark or clear
What people say to me I hardly hear
The passing hours are an endless year
Until at last I’m alone with you

Every night at seven you walk in as fresh as clover
And I begin to sigh all over
Every night at seven you come by like May returning
And me-oh-my, I start in yearning

You seem to bring faraway spring near me
I’m always in full bloom
When you’re in the room
For ev’ry night at seven, ev’ry time the same thing happens
I fall once again in love, but only with you

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