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Mary Poppins [classic family musical]

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Mary Poppins, starring Julie Andrews, Dick van Dyke, David Tomlinson, Glynis Johns, Ed Wynn
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Mary Poppins, starring Julie Andrews, Dick van Dyke, David Tomlinson, Glynis Johns, Ed Wynn

It’s reported that the author of Mary Poppins despised the movie version, but she’s in a very small minority. Thankfully, unlike some other classic children’s movies such as  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, adults can enjoy  Mary Poppins as much as when they were children.

Dick Van Dyke as Bert the chimney sweeper in Mary Poppins, 1964

All of the main actors did an exceptional job, with everyone having excellent moments on screen. It was while watching  Mary Poppins that I first saw the great American clown Dick van Dyke, and began to fall in love with his performances.

Speaking of great clowns, they also had a great scene with Ed Wynn, one of the great clowns, as Uncle Albert in the great “I Love to Laugh” scene.

It goes without saying that Mary Poppins is a classic children’s musical that is highly recommended.

Cast of characters

  • Mary Poppins (Julie AndrewsThe Sound of MusicDespicable Me).  The magical nanny, who’s practically perfect in every way.  She makes it her job to fix a family that, outwardly, doesn’t need fixing.
  • Bert (Dick Van DykeBye Bye BirdieThe Dick Van Dyke Show). Chimney sweep, one man band, chalk artist.  Jack of all trades, who clearly has feelings for Mary.
  • Mr. Banks (David TomlinsonThe Love BugCity in the Sea).  Banker, husband, father.  Detached from his loved ones.  But, with Mary Poppins’ help, he gets better.
  • Mrs. Banks (Glynis JohnsThe Court JesterDear Brigitte).  Loving wife and mother, and suffragette.  She’s interested in women’s rights, because something is missing in her life …
  • Uncle Albert (Ed WynnAlice in WonderlandThe Ed Wynn Show).  A secondary character, memorable for the “I Love to Laugh” routine.

Editorial review of  Mary Poppins courtesy of

Released from the Disney Vault in celebration of its 50th Anniversary, this beloved classic shines like never before on Blu-ray with an all-new digital restoration. Winner of five Academy Awards(R), including Best Actress (Julie Andrews), Best Song ( — €œChim Chim Cher-ee — €) and Best Visual Effects, Mary Poppins is a movie experience your family will enjoy over and over again.

Practically Perfect In Every Way — € Mary Poppins flies out of the windy London skies and into the home of two mischievous children. With the help of a carefree chimney sweep named Bert (Dick Van Dyke), the spirited nanny turns every chore into a game and every day into a “Jolly Holiday.” € Share the music, share the magic, share the joy of Mary Poppins with a whole new generation for the first time on Disney Blu-ray.The movie received 13 Academy Award(R) nominations and won 5 Oscars(R) for Best Actress, Best Song, Best Music Score, Best Film Editing, and Best Special Visual Effects. It also received a special scientific award for the creation and application of Color Traveling Matte Composite Cinematography, which helped make the combination of live action and animated actors in the film possible.

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