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Terrordactyl (2016) starring Christopher John Jennings, Jason Tobias, Candice Nunes,  Jack E. Curenton

Terrordactyl is a modern creature feature, in the style of the cheesy monster movies that we grew up with. Except for a few minor language issues, I recommend it wholeheartedly. It’s fun, fast-paced, with good acting.  It has a nice mix of humor and horror, and the special effects are fine.

Like many of the great creature features of the past, the basic premise is silly.  It doesn’t hold up well to scrutiny.  That is, the prehistoric pterodactyls didn’t become extinct.  Instead, they somehow flew into airless outer space and have been surviving there without a problem.  But this film isn’t an attempt at anything but the cinematic equivalent of a roller coaster ride, and it delivers on that promise.

Editorial review Terrordactyl courtesy of Amazon.com

When a meteor shower rains down outside Los Angeles, Jonas and Lars, two friends stuck in tired, boring lives, head out to find a meteor and strike it rich. After recovering one, they start being stalked by Terrordactyl’s, ancient flying reptiles that launch a full-on assault on the city. Trying to survive, they go on the run where the unlikely heroes, along with Candice, a tough-and-sexy bartender, Valerie, her sultry roommate and Sampson, a constantly drunk and brash ex-marine, soon discover that there’s more to the meteor than meets the eye. They must learn to put their differences aside and fight back to make the Terrordactyl’s extinct once again.


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