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Crack in the World


Crack in the World (1965) starring Dana Andrews, Janette Scott, Kieron Moore

Crack in the World – Attempting to provide endless energy to the world, a dying scientist fires a missile into the Earth’s center. And he nearly blows the planet apart …

Review of Crack in the World

Frankly, Crack in the World is a very good disaster movie, that’s unfortunately ruined by science. At the time it was being filmed, scientists thought that the crust of the Earth was a solid. Instead, it’s now believed to be made of tectonic plates. So, firing a missing into the crust wouldn’t cause the planet to nearly split in two. Oh, well.

It’s still well-acted, with interesting characters. They attempt to save the world after nearly causing its’ destruction. There’s some angst over the lead scientist, who’s terminally ill. But he keeps it a secret from his wife, and fellow scientists. There’s also a bit of a romantic triangle, between the older dying scientist, his younger wife, and his right-hand man.

Product Description 

Dr. Steven Sorenson (Dana Andrews) and his wife and fellow scientist Dr. Maggie Sorenson (Janette Scott) plan to utilize the geothermal energy of the Earth s interior by detonating a powerful thermonuclear device deep within the Earth s core. Despite warnings from Maggie’s ex-flame and fellow scientist Dr. Ted Rampian (Kieron Moore), Dr. Sorenson proceeds with the experiment after he secretly learns that he is terminally ill. This experiment causes a crack within the earth s crust and threatens to split the earth in two if it is not stopped in time.

Cast of characters

  • Dana Andrews (State Fair, Curse of the Demon)… Dr. Stephen Sorenson
  • Janette Scott (The Day of the Triffids) … Dr. Maggie Sorenson
  • Kieron Moore (Dr. Blood’s Coffin) … Dr. Ted Rampion
  • Alexander Knox (The Judge Steps Out) … Sir Charles Eggerston
  • Peter Damon (The Fall of the Roman Empire) … John Masefield
  • Jim Gillen … Rand
  • Gary Lasdun (The Thin Red Line) … Markov
  • Alfred Brown (The 7th Voyage of Sinbad) … Dr. Bill Evans
  • Mike Steen (Sweet Bird of Youth) … Steele
  • Emilio Carrere
  • Sydna Scott … Angela
  • John Karlsen (Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure) … Dr. Reynolds
  • Todd Martin … Simpson
  • Ben Tatar … Indian Ambassador


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