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Mary Reilly [Jekyll and Hyde]

Mary Reilly (1996) starring Julia Roberts, John Malkovich
Mary Reilly (1996) starring Julia Roberts, John Malkovich Mary Reilly is a telling of the Jekyll and Hyde story, from the perspective of a housemaid. A housemaid who begins to fall in love with both men …
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Blood of Dracula

Blood of Dracula (1957) starring Sandra Harrison, Louise Lewis Blood of Dracula is effectively a gender-swapped version of I Was a Teenage Werewolf. Here, a troubled young lady is turned into a vampire by a mad scientist at her school. For science!
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The Hideous Sun Demon

The Hideous Sun Demon (1958) starring Robert Clarke The Hideous Sun Demon. Can radiation devolve someone into a lizard man in sunlight? Will he then go on a murder spree? Do you really need to ask?
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Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women

Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women – despite it’s title, really isn’t that bad of a cheesy monster movie. It deals with a rescue mission to Venus, to rescue the first expedition there. Unlike the uninhabitable planet that they should expect, the astronauts discovers that it’s inhabited...
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The Bride [Frankenstein]

The Bride (1985) starring Sting, Jennifer Beals, Clancy Brown, David Rappaport The Bride is a retelling of Frankenstein – more specifically, it takes the story of The Bride of Frankenstein in a totally different direction. And creates a very enjoyable movie in the process.
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King Dinosaur [cheesy monster movie]

King Dinosaur (1955) by Bert I. Gordon Key Dinosaur deals with a new planet appears in our solar system, within sight of Earth. This prompts a two-man, two-woman rocket flight that finds giant animals and reptiles, some reminiscent of our planet’s prehistoric monsters. A key early low budget...
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I Was a Teenage Werewolf

I Was a Teenage Werewolf (1957) starring Michael Landon, Whit Bissell I Was A Teenage Werewolf. A troubled teenager is regressed by a hypnotherapist to his “primitive state” — a werewolf!
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Monster on the Campus

Monster on the Campus (1958) starring Arthur Franz Synopsis of Monster on the Campus An amazing scientific discovery turns deadly in Monster on the Campus, a classic sci-fi horror film set in the backdrop of a 1950’s college campus. Professor Donald Blake (Arthur Franz) has made an amazing...
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She Demons

She Demons (1958) starring Irish McCalla, Tod Griffin, Victor Sen Yung She Demons – A hurricane, island castaways, beautiful girls, Nazis, a mad scientist, weird experiments, female monsters & a volcano! Prime ingredients for a horror exploitation film. Delightfully cheesy.
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