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The Ape Man

The Ape Man (1943) starrring Bela Lugosi, Wallace Ford
The Ape Man (1943) starrring Bela Lugosi, Wallace Ford In The Ape Man, a mad scientist’s experiments have transformed him into a half-man, half-ape. With the aid of his gorilla sidekick, he’ll murder as many people as he needs to reverse it!
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The Crawling Eye

The Crawling Eye (1959) aka. The Trollenberg Terror, starring Forrest Tucker, Warren Mitchell, Janet Munro, Jennifer Jayne The Crawling Eye – classic sci-fi horror starring Forest Tucker. Something is going on on the mountain. Hikers are getting decapitated! And …
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The Gorgon

The Gorgon (1964) starring Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee Synopsis The Gorgon – In a rural village, a series of murders have been committed where each victim was turned into stone. A local professor investigates and finds an evil Gorgon haunting a nearby castle and in search of more...
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Daughter of Dr. Jekyll

Daughter of Dr. Jeyll (1957) starring Gloria Talbott, John Agar, Arthur Shields Daughter of Dr. Jekyll – a young woman discovers that she’s secretly the daughter of Dr. Jekyll. And shortly after, a series of vicious murders start …
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The Monolith Monsters

The Monolith Monsters (1957) starring Grant Williams, Lola Albright Synopsis of The Monolith Monsters The sleepy town of San Angelo is in danger after a giant meteor crashes nearby in the classic sci-fi thriller The Monolith Monsters. Strange black rocks from the event litter the town. Nearby geologists...
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The Beast Must Die

The Beast Must Die (1974) starring Calvin Lockhart, Peter Cushing In The Beast Must Die, a wealthy hunter invites eight individuals to spend the weekend at his rural estate. He has a hidden motive, however. He believes that one of them is a werewolf. Which intends to track...
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Curse of the Fly

Curse of the Fly deals with the descendants of the scientist from The Fly. They’re trying to perfect the teleportation technology that’s previously caused so much trouble. What consequences will they face?
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The Angry Red Planet

The Angry Red Planet (1969) starring Gerald Mohr, Nora Hayden The Angry Red Planet deals with the fictional first manned exploration of Mars. Our intrepid explorers find all sorts of “interesting” wildlife, and barely escape.
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