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My Man Godfrey

My Man Godfrey, starring William Powell and Carole Lombard
My Man Godfrey, (1936) starring William Powell and Carole Lombard movie review of “My Man Godfrey” – one of the great screwball comedies of the 20th century. It stars Carole Lombard as the spoiled rich girl. William Powell co-stars as Godfrey, the “forgotten man” € with a secret...
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An American Carol

An American Carol (2008) starring Kevin Farley, Kelsey Grammer — €œWARNING! This movie may be offensive to children, young people, old people, in-the-middle people, some people on the right, all people on the left, terrorists, pacifists, war-mongers, fish mongers, Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists, agnostics (though you’d have to...
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Start Cheering

Start Cheering (1938) starring Jimmy Durante, Walter Connolly, The Three Stooges I recently saw this classic romantic comedy/musical, Start Cheering, on Turner Classic Movies, and I was pleasantly surprised — I didn’t even realize initially that the Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard) were in the film, but I was happy to find out that...
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The Comic [Dick Van Dyke]

The Comic starring Dick Van Dyke, Michelle Lee, Mickey Rooney, Carl Reiner movie review of ‘The Comic‘, a little-known film by Dick Van Dyke and Carl Reiner.  It’s about the life of an early silent film clown, the fictional Billy Bright, and his self-destructive behavior that destroyed his...
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The Muppet Show episode guide – Season 1

The very first season the the classic variety show, The Muppet Show – watch as Fozzie, Ms. Piggy, Gonzo and the others find out ‘who they are’ …. And how they change, week by week, into the characters that we now know and love. Juliet Prowse Mahna Mahna song...
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The Princess and the Pirate

Movie review of The Princess and the Pirate, one of Bob Hope’s funniest and most popular movies. The cowardly, inept Sylvester the Great (Bob Hope) gets embroiled in rescuing the beautiful Princess in disguise (Virginia Mayo). It’s hilariously funny!
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The Seven Little Foys [Bob Hope]

Movie review of The Seven Little Foys, starring Bob Hope as Eddie Foy, the star of vaudeville who has been absent from his children’s lives … until his wife dies, and he’s now forced to be a real ‘father’ in every sense of that word … and how...
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The Lemon Drop Kid

Editorial review of The Lemon Drop Kid | Bob Hope, courtesy of Amazon.com Bob Hope plays a small-time con artist with a fondness for lemon candy in this film based on a Damon Runyon story. When the Lemon Drop Kid accidentally cheats gangster Moose Moran (Fred Clark) out...
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