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F-Troop Season 1, starring Forrest Tucker, Larry Storch, Ken Berry
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F-Troop Season 1, starring Forrest Tucker, Larry Storch, Ken Berry

F-Troop season 1: Ken Berry is promoted to captain after he accidentally saves the day! As his “reward” he’s sent to take charge of F-Troop …

F-Troop season 1: An inept clerk in the army (Ken BerryMama’s Family) is promoted to captain after he accidentally saves the day! As his “reward” he’s sent to take charge of Fort Courage, a small frontier post manned by F-Troop. They’re a bumbling band of misfits who can’t fight -and who don’t want to! First released in 1965, this hilarious comedy about the Wild West also stars the Emmy-nominated Larry Storch, Forrest Tucker, Melody Patterson and more.

1. Scourge of the West

Sergeant O’Rourke and Corporal Agarn order the unwarlike Hekawi Indians to fake an attack on Fort Courage to impress a visiting lieutenant and to protect their moneymaking rackets. And to keep it a secret from the by-the-book new commander, Captain Parmenter.

Originally aired September 13, 1965

2. Don’t Look Now, One of Our Cannon Is Missing

Sergeant O’Rourke loans a cannon to the Indians for their Moon Festival. But then, he can’t get it back! So the question is, how to get “their” cannon back, without irritating their Native American friends, and without Captain Parmenter finding out?

Originally aired September 20, 1965

3. The Phantom Major

An eager British major is sent to Fort Courage to teach the cavalrymen new ways of fighting Indians. By camouflage! He’s Major Bentley-Royce of the Bengal Lancers — a master of disguise, and a living legend. Who also thinks the fort is obsolete! Played by the great Bernard Fox.

Originally aired September 27, 1965

4. Corporal Agarn’s Farewell to the Troops

Both Corporal Agarn and O’Rourke’s horse are suffering from stomach pains. When he overhears the diagnosis for the horse, he believes he is dying. He writes a full confession of his illicit activities, and sends it to Washington. In the meanwhile, Captain Parmenter wants to apprehend the Colton brothers (Robert Anderson, Vic Tayback).

Originally aired October 5, 1965

5. The Return of Bald Eagle

Captain Parmenter (KEN BERRY) tries to tame a wild Indian, Bald Eagle (DON RICKLES), by giving him a birthday party. And it has to be said that Don Rickles is absolutely hilarious as the one-man wrecking crew! It’s hard to believe that he’s one of the pacifist Hekawi — but he’s so funny that nobody cares.

Originally aired October 11, 1965.

6. Dirge for the Scourge

Wrangler Jane is fed up with the the saloon in town, and the bad characters that it attracts. She’s unaware that Sergeant O’Rourke secretly owns the place. And she talks Captain Parmenter into closing it! But, he and badman Sam Urp (JACK ELAM) keep running into each other with clumsy accidents, until Urp can’t take it anymore! They meet face-to-face in a shoot-out on the main street of town.

Originally aired October 18, 1965

7. The Girl from Philadelphia

Wrangler Jane (MELODY PATTERSON) foils an Eastern socialite’s plan to marry Captain Parmenter (KEN BERRY). The lovely young woman (Linda Marshall) not only wants to marry him, she wants him to return with her back East!

Originally aired October 25, 1965

8. Old Ironpants

General George Custer is running a command school for the Army. After two weeks of training there, the easygoing Captain Parmenter (KEN BERRY) transforms into a tough disciplinarian. That nobody likes anymore. So, the rest of F-Troop conspires to return him to his lovable self.

Originally aired November 1, 1965

9. Me Heap Big Injun

Corporal Agarn (LARRY STORCH) leaves the army to become a Hekawi brave, to prove that he’s braver than any other native brave. Since Sergeant O’Rourke can’t talk his pal out of it, he uses him to push the manufacture of Indian curios, to sell.

Originally aired November 8, 1965

10. She’s Only a Build in a Girdled Cage

The enterprising O’Rourke (FORREST TUCKER) confuses a singer (PATRICE WYMORE) with a bugler Dobb’s mother (NYDIA WESTMAN).

11. A Gift from the Chief

Captain Parmenter (Ken Berry) saves the life of Chief Wild Eagle (FRANK DE KOVA). And in gratitude, he’s given an Indian baby!

12. Honest Injun

A Western con man (JOHN DEHNER) muscles in on the racket Sergeant O’Rourke (FORREST TUCKER) has going with the Indians.

13. O’Rourke vs. O’Reilly

Beautiful Lily O’Reilly (LEE MERIWETHER) opens a saloon in Fort Courage and almost ruins Sergeant O’Rourke (FORREST TUCKER).

E14 – The 86 Proof Spring

Captain Parmenter (KEN BERRY launches a search for the source of the whiskey the Indians are drinking.

15. Here Comes the Tribe

Captain Parmenter (KEN BERRY) must marry Silver Dove (LAURIE SIBBALD) or incur the anger of her Hekawi tribe.

16. Iron Horse Go Home

Paid to give up his tribal land for a railroad, Chief Wild Eagle (FRANK DE KOVA) relocates his Indians inside the fort.

17. Our Hero, What’s His Name?

Agarn (LARRY STORCH) falsely boasts he’s killed Geronimo (MIKE MAZURKI), setting the famous Indian warrior thirsting for Agarn’s blood.

18. Wrongo Starr and the Lady in Black

Wrongo Starr (Henry Gibson) is a walking jinx. And Corporal Agarn gets betrothed to a pretty black widow whose four soldier husbands all died mysteriously.

19. El Diablo

Corporal Agarn (LARRY STORCH) goes on a manhunt for the notorious bandit El Diablo (LARRY STORCH), his look-alike cousin.

20. Go for Broke

Parmenter (KEN BERRY), with the help of an inventor (GEORGE GOBEL), plays poker to win back F Troop’s lost pension fund.

21. The New I.G.

The peaceful Hekawis win a battle at last, after a bloodthirsty major (ANDREW DUGGAN) orders them massacred.

22. Spy, Counterspy, Counter Counterspy

Chosen by army brass to test a top-secret bulletproof vest, F Troop is infiltrated by spies.

23. The Courtship of Wrangler Jane

Captain Parmenter (KEN BERRY) must decide between bachelorhood and the hand of Wrangler Jane (MELODY PATTERSON).

24 – Play, Gypsy, Play

Agarn (LARRY STORCH) resigns from the army to follow a beautiful gypsy (ZSA ZSA GABOR), who told him he’s a gypsy king.

25. Reunion for O’Rourke

Sergeant O’Rourke’s (FORREST TUCKER) past catches up with him at a 25th anniversary party arranged by army friends.

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