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Maisie, starring Ann Southern, Robert Young, Ian Hunter, Ruth Hussey
Maisie, starring Ann Southern, Robert Young, Ian Hunter, Ruth Hussey Synopsis of Maisie  Down-on-her-luck showgirl Maisie Ravier takes a job at a dude ranch, falls in love with the foreman, meddles in a couple’s unhappy marriage, and rescues the foreman from a wrongful murder charge. Cast of characters in Maisie Masie Ravier...
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Miracles for Sale

Miracles for Sale, starring Gloria Holden, Henry Hull, Magician, Robert Young, Todd Browning, William Demarest
Miracles for Sale (1932) starring Robert Young, Florence Rice, Henry Hull, Gloria Holden Robert Young is probably best remembered for his eponymous television role as Marcus Welby, M.D. — but in his youth, he was an attractive leading man, as in the magical murder mystery, Miracles for Sale....
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