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The Unearthly

The Unearthly (1957), starring John Carradine, Allison Hayes, Tor Johnson
The Unearthly (1957), starring John Carradine, Allison Hayes, Tor Johnson Synopsis of The Unearthly  In The Unearthly, mad Scientist John Carradine lures mentally deranged patients, beautiful blondes, and an unwanted undercover cop to his remote mansion for gland transplant experiments that go awry. He ends up with a...
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House of Frankenstein

House of Frankenstein (1944), starring Boris Karloff, John Carradine, Lon Chaney Jr., J. Carrol Naish, Glenn Strange, Lionel Atwill, Anne Gwynne, Peter Coe Synopsis of House of Frankenstein House of Frankenstein is the first of the Universal Studios monster mashes.  In short, mad scientist Niemann and “friend Daniel” his hunchback assistant...
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Invisible Invaders

Invisible Invaders (1959) starring John Agar, John Carradine
 Invisible Invaders (1959) starring John Agar, John Carradine, Jean Byron, Philip Tonge, Robert Hutton When stock footage attacks! Actually,  Invisible Invaders is a better movie than that.  It’s clear upon watching that it was done on a shoestring budget, with ample use of stock footage, footage from documentaries,...
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The Howling

The Howling, starring Dee Wallace, Patrick Macnee, Elisabeth Brooks, John Carradine, Robert Picardo
The Howling (1980), starring Dee Wallace, Patrick Macnee, Elisabeth Brooks, John Carradine, Robert Picardo The Howling – A shaken TV newswoman finds a doctor’s retreat crawling with werewolves. Directed by Joe Dante.
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Mary of Scotland 1936

Mary of Scotland (1936) starring Katherine Hepburn, Frederic March, John Carradine
Mary of Scotland (1936) starring Katherine Hepburn, Fredric March, John Carradine Synopsis of Mary of Scotland A historical movie, dealing with the life of Mary of Scotland, with some typical Hollywood liberties with historical fact, but with excellent performances all around.
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The Black Sleep

The Black Sleep (1956), starring Basil Rathbone, Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney, Jr., John Carradine, Akim Tamiroff, Tor Johnson The Black Sleep – Many  of Hollywood’s top horror stars appears in this story  of a mad doctor who performs brain surgery on unwilling victims attempting to save the life of...
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The Tomb (1986)

The Tomb (1986) starring Michelle Bauer, David O'Hara, Richard Hench
The Tomb (1986) starring  Michelle Bauer,  David O’Hara,  Richard Hench  Some cheesy monster movies are a delight to watch — and others are a delight to make fun of as you watch them.  The Tomb falls firmly into the second category.
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