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Sawdust And Spangles And Dreams lyrics

Sawdust And Spangles And Dreams, music and lyrics by Richard Rodgers and Roger Edens, performed by Stephen Boyd, Doris Day, Jimmy Durante, Martha Raye in Billy Rose’s Jumbo

Stephen Boyd: What is a circus? What does it mean?
Is it a banjo? Or a tambourine?
Is it a phony snake charmer routine?

No, my friends. I think you only stall, my friends.
You’re thinking much too small, my friends.
Or else you’re not thinking at all, my friends.

When people think of “circus”, the wherefore and the why’s of it
They think of all the adjectives, proclaiming what’s the size of it!
For instance: Tremendous, stupendous, terrific, prolific, gigantic, romantic, sensational!
Razzling and dazzling, prodigious, insidious, ferocious, explosious, inspirational!

An ordinary tightwire or flying act
Becomes the greatest death-defying act!

You can bet
They will sweat
When you do your pirouette …
Without a net!

Super, super, duper, duper,
Hoop the hoop and loop the looper,
Something cataclysmic for the kiddies,
The most amazing melody of merriment and mirth,
The circus is the greatest show on Earth.

Sawdust and spangles and dreams,
Popcorn and crackerjack play a part,
Everything glitters and gleams,
Under the big top that’s in your heart.

What if it’s tarnished and a bit second hand,
To all the people it’s a magic land,
Over the rainbow it seems,
Is sawdust … and spangles … and dreams!


We’re gonna march around the Hippodrome track
And let the people see that Jumbo’s back
Everything glitters and gleams
With sawdust and spangles and dreams!


Sawdust and spangles and dreams [echoing]

Sawdust and spangles and dreams …

Everything glitters and gleams …

Sawdust … spangles …

Sawdust and spangles and dreams,
Popcorn and crackerjack play a part …

It can’t be be love because I feel so well,
No sobs, no sorrows, no sighs …
This can’t be love, I get no dizzy spells.

Some people come for the animals,
Some for the smells and the sounds,
But you must agree, everybody comes to see
Those lovable, laughable clowns!

The makeup, the wigs, and the baggy pants
The jokes and the gags and the gaffe
Though your heart is breaking, start your merry making,
And laugh, clown, laugh!


Tell all the people, shout it up and down,
The wonderful Wonder circus is back in town!
Over the rainbow it seems
Is stardust and spangles and dreams …


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