It Doesn’t Cost a Dime to Dream [song lyrics]

It Doesn't Cost a Dime To Dream

Song lyrics to It Doesn’t Cost a Dime To Dream, Written by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans, Sung by Bob Hope and Marilyn Maxwell in The Lemon Drop Kid

I’ll show you how to own the moon
And how to bounce the world just like a toy balloon.
We’ll show you how to have your way
And help yourself to wishes on a silver tray.

You want to fly to Bali Ha’i
Or any other island you would like to buy;
You can travel cheap when you’re fast asleep
‘Cause it doesn’t cost a dime to dream.

We’ll line our walls with dollar bills
And use the wrinkled ones to wipe our windowsills.
Pour our old champagne down the kitchen drain.
No, it doesn’t cost a dime to dream.

We will call at the president’s family residence,
Pay off the national debt. (are you a dreamer)
And if we find the president slightly hesitant,
We’ll say we have a lot left yet!

A fancy home, why that’s a snap.
To get from room to room we’ll have to have a map.
Just to see this prize only close your eyes.
It doesn’t cost a dime to dream.

We play roulette, we place our bets,
We lose a million bucks and cut out crêpes suzettes.
Call the U.S. Mint, what we need they’ll print
It doesn’t cost a dime to dream.

We’ll have a maid who has a maid
Who has a maid to serve the two maids lemonade.
We will spend our dough just like H-2-O.
Rent a town in Spain just to entertain
Give the dice a spin, watch the chips roll in,
If you pay attention to our scheme.

So won’t you go to sleep,
Count some pedigreed sheep,
‘Cause it doesn’t cost a dime to dream.

Lights out!


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