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In Santiago, Chile [song lyrics]

Song lyrics to In Santiago, Chile (‘Tain’t Chilly at All), performed by Desi Arnaz in the I Love Lucy episode, The Handcuffs

Santiago, Chile
Ain’t chilly at all
Pay a señorita a sociable call

Her folks are very friendly
They stick around close
From your first “how do you do?”
Till your last “adios”

Santiago, Chile, the fantasy’s yours
Sets your heart burning
The temperature soars
So take a friendly warning
And cool down the flame
Unless you want the lady to take your name

A Chilean moon
Ain’t chilly inside
Your heart goes up like fireworks
The fourth of July
The night may be cool
But if you’re no fool
Then Chile isn’t chilly as a rule

You whisper “Yo te quiero”
At the end of the date
If you’re the caballero
She’ll take for a mate
In case you are selected
You’re lucky, señor
In Santiago, Chile
Ain’t chilly anymore

In Santiago, Chile
In Santiago, Chile
In Santiago, Chile
In Santiago, Chile
Ain’t chilly at all.

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