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Man Made Monster [monster movie]

Man Made Monster (1941), starring Lionel Atwill, Lon Chaney Jr. In Man Made Monster, a mad scientist transforms a carnival performer into a murderous monster.
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Embraceable You [song lyrics]

Song lyrics to Embraceable You, (1930). Music by George Gershwin. Performed in Thank Your Lucky Stars [Verse]Dozens of girls would storm upI had to lock...
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I’m Goin’ North [song lyrics]

Song lyrics to I’m Goin’ North (1943). Music by Arthur Schwartz, Lyrics by Frank Loesser. Performed by Jack Carson and Alan Hale in Thank Your...
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Old Folks at Home [song lyrics]

Song lyrics to Old Folks at Home, (1851) aka Swanee River. Music by Stephen Foster. Old Folks at Home/Swanee River has been performed in: Thank...
Horror movies

Horror of Dracula [Christopher Lee]

Horror of Dracula starring Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing Synopsis Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing bring the Horror of Dracula to vivid, full-color death in this...
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The Dreamer [song lyrics]

Song lyrics to The Dreamer (1943). Music by Arthur Schwartz, Lyrics by Frank Loesser. Sung by Dinah Shore in Thank Your Lucky Stars The Dreamer...
Doctor Who

Doctor Who – The Three Doctors

Doctor Who – The Three Doctors, starring Jon Pertwee, Patrick Troughton, William Hartnell, Katy Manning, Nicholas Courtney In The Three Doctors, The Time Lords are...