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The Beast of Hollow Mountain

The Beast of Hollow Mountain (1956)

Synopsis of The Beast of Hollow Mountain

The Beast of Hollow Mountain deals with the efforts of a pair of young ranchers in Mexico, to unravel the mystery of the disappearance of their cattle, ravished by a pre-historical monster. …

Review of The Beast of Hollow Mountain

I have to admit, there’s a warm spot in my heart for The Beast of Hollow Mountain.  The first two-thirds of the mountain play like a Western movie set in South America.  There’s conflict over missing cattle, and a beautiful woman.  In the background of the movie, however, is the titular Beast.  It is presumed to be behind the disappearance of the cattle, and even some people.  But it’s not until the end of the meeting that it’s actually seen.

The acting is okay, but not great.  The cinematography and pace are fine, and the main leads do a good job.  Little Panchito is appropriately cute, and heartstrings are tugged in the right places.  The 3D animated Beast, when actually seen, is quite good.  Not counting the “rubber boots” that are supposed to be its feet.  In all, I rate The Beast of Hollow Mountain 3 stars out of 5.

Editorial review of The Beast of Hollow Mountain courtesy of Amazon.com

Based on an idea by the legendary special effects wizard Willis O’Brien (King Kong, Son Of Kong, The Lost World), The Beast Of Hollow Mountain is a classic creature feature. An American rancher living in Mexico is staying near Hollow Mountain, an impenetrable swamp where, stories have it, dwells a living prehistoric Tyrannosaurus Rex!