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Million Dollar Duck

Million Dollar Duck, a live action Walt Disney family comedy with Sandy Duncan and Dean JonesThe Million Dollar Duck (1971) starring Dean Jones, Sandy Duncan, Joe Flynn

Synopsis of The Million Dollar Duck

buy Million Dollar Duck from Amazon.com In The Million Dollar Duck, a lab worker (Dean Jones) takes home a laboratory animal (Charlie the duck) to prevent it from being destroyed, as a pet for his son. As fate would have it, however, the duck’s exposure to radiation has caused it to mutate — and it now literally lays golden eggs when the family dog barks. At first, the scientist, this ditzy wife (Sandy Duncan) think this is a Godsend — until they begin to get greedy, and their neighbor (Joe Flynn) begins to get suspicious.

Review of The Million Dollar Duck

I have fond memories of watching The Million Dollar Duck many years ago when it first came out. It’s not high comedy, and it doesn’t try to be. The Million Dollar Duck is simply a children’s movie, with a simple message about family being more important than money and things. Dog, duck, gold nuggets, heroic ending with the Dad rescuing his son — what more can you ask for in a children’s movie?

The Million Dollar Duck is enjoyable fluff and doesn’t pretend to be anything more than that. Some people are offended by Sandy Duncan’s portrayal of the ditzy wife — but if so, they also need to be offended by Gracie Allen, Christie from Three’s Company, and every other “ditzy” female character ever portrayed.

Product Description of The Million Dollar Duck

Bring home surefire Disney fun starring classic comedians Dean Jones, Sandy Duncan, and Joe Flynn — now on Disney DVD! Research professor Albert Dooley (Jones) is stuck with past-due bills and one downy, dense lab duck. But an ordinary bird turns extraordinary when he is accidentally zapped with radiation and casually starts laying the proverbial “golden eggs.” Cashing in on newfound riches becomes a side-splitting scramble as the secret gets out and friends, neighbors, and government T-men mount an all-out quack attack to capture the rare bird. It’s heartwarming hilarity that will keep the whole family in stitches! The studio held open auditions for the duck role, with Webfoot Waddle winning the part. Runners-up Carlos and Jennifer got to be stand-ins. The ducks were given the full Hollywood treatment, including their own drinking pails, lettuce, and chicken scratch, plus evenings and weekends free to rest floating around the Disney Studio pond.

Editorial review of Million Dollar Duck courtesy of Amazon.com

Disney’s classic 1971 comedy about the goose that lay the golden eggs returns in digital format, retaining its old-style family-friendliness, slapstick silliness, and good-natured predictability. Dean Jones plays professor Albert Dooley, a lab worker down on his luck, who lives in suburbia with his earnest yet scatterbrained wife Katie (played deliciously by Sandy Duncan). When an under-performing lab duck’s life is in jeopardy, Dooley rescues him to become a family pet and soon discovers that some earlier exposure to radiation has turned the duck’s eggs into gold. The Dooley’s newfound wealth brings its share of pandemonium as they try to keep their proverbial “nest egg” under wraps, especially from nosy neighbor Finley Hooper (Joe Flynn), a government Treasury man. Such low-tech fare is not without touches of brilliance: Duncan gets to deliver the best lines and does so with great panache. If Million Dollar Duck falls short in inventiveness, this small serving of comfort food satisfies with ample amounts of warmhearted cheer. (Ages 4 and older) –Lynn Gibson

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