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Eegah! (1962) starring Richard Kiel, Arch Hall Jr. Marilyn Manning, Arch Hall Sr.
Eegah! (1962) starring Richard Kiel, Arch Hall Jr. Marilyn Manning, Arch Hall Sr. It should be mentioned at the offset that Eegah! is one of the worst movies of all time. It earns that title with bad acting, bad sets, and a bad script. But Eegah! is one of those movies that’s...
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Wolfen, starring Albert Finney, Diane Venora, Gregory Hines, Edward James Olmos
Wolfen, starring Albert Finney, Diane Venora, Gregory Hines, Edward James Olmos Synopsis of Wolfen In Wolfen, a real estate tycoon, his coke-binging wife and a slum wino have something grisly in common.  They’re the latest victims in a series of random murders. A veteran NYPD detective soon suspects the killings may be supernatural...
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Attack of the Puppet People

Attack of the Puppet People (1958) starring John Agar, June Kenney, John Hoyt - produced and directed by Bert I. Gordon
Attack of the Puppet People (1958) starring John Agar, June Kenney, John Hoyt – produced and directed by Bert I. Gordon Attack of the Puppet People is a surprisingly enjoyable film by Bert I. Gordon, who lived up to his initials of B.I.G. A lonely doll maker, who can’t...
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House of Wax

House of Wax (1953) starring Vincent Price
Editorial review of  House of Wax (1953) starring Vincent Price, courtesy of Amazon.com House of Wax brought Vincent Price into the horror genre, where he fit as snugly as a scalpel in a mad scientist’s hand. A remake of the 1933 film Mystery of the Wax Museum, this...
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Terror at London Bridge

Terror at London Bridge (1985) starring David Hasselhoff, Stepfanie Kramer, Randolph Mantooth - There was once a lad named Jack, Whose tendency was to attack. With surgical skill, He'd go for the kill, And apparently he still has the knack.
Terror at London Bridge, aka. Bridge across Time (1985) starring David Hasselhoff, Stepfanie Kramer, Randolph Mantooth Synopsis of Terror at London Bridge A copycat killer is duplicating the murders of the infamous Jack the Ripper in Arizona.  Where the famous London Bridge has been taken and reassembled. But one police officer...
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Terror is a Man

Terror is a Man (1959), starring Richard Derr, Richard Derr, Greta Thyssen
Terror is a Man (1959), starring Francis Lederer, Richard Derr, Richard Derr, Greta Thyssen Synopsis of Terror is a Man Terror is a Man.  A shipwreck survivor washes ashore on a mysterious island.  But the bizarre experiments of a renegade scientist unleash a bloodthirsty man-beast.
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Carnival of Souls

Carnival of Souls (1962) starring Candace Hilligoss
Carnival of Souls (1962) starring Candace Hilligoss reviewed by The masked reviewer In Carnival of Souls,  Mary Henry (Candace Hilligoss) and her friends enter a drag race with some young men when tragedy strikes. Mary, and her friends car crashes into the river. After the car is presumed to...
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13 Ghosts

13 Ghosts - 13 times the chills! 13 times the screams! 13 times the fun!
13 Ghosts (1960) by William Castle The 1960 version of 13 Ghosts is a classic B-movie horror film by William Castle — it has little relationship to the 2001 remake,  Thir13en Ghosts, starring Tony Shalhoub. For one thing,  13 Ghosts is actually enjoyable to watch 🙂 Synopsis of...
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Dracula (1931)

Dracula (1931) starring Bela Lugosi in the title role
Dracula (1931) starring Bela Lugosi, Dwight Frye, Edward Van Sloan, directed by Tod Browning Synopsis of Dracula A truly great adaptation of the classic vampire novel.  Dracula is the story of the European vampire who comes to England to find fresh victims …  And stumbles across a young woman who...
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The Mad Ghoul

The Mad Ghoul (1943) starring Turhan Bey, Evelyn Ankers, David Bruce, George Zucco
The Mad Ghoul (1943) starring Turhan Bey, Evelyn Ankers, David Bruce, George Zucco The Mad Ghoul, frankly, is an above-average monster movie, starring some of the recognizable actors from the genre in the 1940’s.  In short, Dr. Alfred Morris (George Zucco) is a college professor and researcher, who...
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